Services we offer

Services we offer

At Vatsalya Mandir, our primary focus is on providing a safe and nurturing environment where every girl can flourish. We are committed to offering a wide range of services to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and social needs of our residents. Our services include:

We provide a loving and secure home for girls who have experienced difficult circumstances. Our dedicated staff ensures that each girl receives the care and attention she deserves.

Education is a cornerstone of our mission. We offer access to quality schooling and educational support to help girls excel academically and prepare for a bright future.

The well-being of our residents is paramount. We provide regular healthcare check-ups, access to medical professionals, and ensure that all healthcare needs are met.

Our trained counselors offer individual and group therapy sessions to help girls cope with past traumas and develop essential life skills. We create a safe space for them to express themselves and heal emotionally.

We believe in equipping our girls with practical life skills that will empower them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Our training programs cover essential skills such as cooking, budgeting, and communication.

We encourage our girls to explore their interests and hobbies. Our recreational activities and enrichment programs help them discover their talents and build self-confidence.

Proper nutrition is vital for growing bodies and minds. We provide balanced and nutritious meals to ensure that our girls have the energy and vitality they need to thrive.

We actively engage with the local community to foster a sense of belonging and support. Our girls participate in community service projects to give back and build connections.

As our girls grow, we guide them in choosing career paths and offer vocational training opportunities to prepare them for the workforce.

Our commitment extends beyond their time at the orphanage. We offer transition support and resources to help girls successfully integrate into society as confident and self-sufficient individuals.

At Vatsalya Mandir, we strive to create a warm and loving environment where each girl feels valued and can reach her full potential. Our comprehensive services are designed to provide a solid foundation for a brighter future. If you have any questions about our services or would like to support our mission, please feel free to contact us for more information.